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Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. – Warren Buffet

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The Midlothian Angel Network links angel investors in Midlothian & Ellis county with startups and high growth companies in TX and elsewhere.

The Midlothian based Angel Network provides a bright future for early-stage companies. We can provide the investment funds you need to grow your company and achieve all the success your hard work deserves. Entrepreneurs benefit from receiving financial capital as well as experiential capital for their growing business. Our angel investor members have entrepreneurial, business building, professional services, and senior executive management experience across a wide range of industries. This depth of knowledge and breadth of business relationships is valuable for helping early-stage businesses grow.

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Our core values are Collaboration, Excellence & Social Impact.


We want to hear from exceptional startups seeking funding. Read about our investment evaluation process and submit your investor presentation.

Angel Investors

Qualifying accredited investors who provide positive contribution to our network are encouraged to participate. Enjoy the benefits of investing with other experienced angel investors at multiple levels of participation according to what is most suitable for you or your organization.

Our Process

Our network provides investors with the opportunity to educate themselves by reviewing deal flow, collaborating in due diligence with other investors, and participating in structures with flexible investment amounts to allow for increased diversification.

Syndicate Backer

No membership required. No obligation to invest. Option to pick which deals to invest in that are diligenced and led by Angel and/or Venture Partners. Click to apply. Low investment minimums.


General Membership

Access to all deal-flow. Participate through direct investments on a deal-by-deal basis, subject to deal by deal investment minimums.


Angel Partner

Access to all deal flow. Select which deals to invest in. Perform shared due diligence and earn carried interest as part of the lead investor group in MAN led syndications. Low investment minimums.


Venture Partner

Access to all deal flow. Select which deals to invest in. Option to participate in or lead due diligence and earn carried interest for MAN syndications. For other angel networks, investment groups, syndicate leads, family offices, venture funds, endowments, and corporate investors seeking to co-invest with MAN

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